Does Patio Furniture Need to Be Protected From Rain in Spring?

When we buy that elegant furniture for our patios, we normally don’t think much about extreme weather conditions that can impact its lifespan and durability. Many people often wonder whether they should invest in weatherproof materials for their patio furniture to prevent the rain and other elements from damaging them. The truth is, it’s a prudent idea to cover your outdoor furniture from extreme sun and rain if you’re not using it much. You might want to focus on covering the less durable furniture during any season.

Is Patio Furniture Waterproof?

The simple answer to this question is no. Your patio furniture is likely to be water-resistant but not waterproof. That means the table or chair can get wet, but the damage may not occur immediately. In most cases, the more exposure to water, the more the damage. While it’s possible to find patio furniture with weather-resistant features, manufacturers are yet to find a suitable material to make furniture completely waterproof as most materials such as plastics can lead to mold development.

What Does Rain Do to Patio Furniture?

Everyone has their own preferences regarding the outdoor furniture style they like most. People who are conscious of their budget often go for plastic, while those who prefer style go for wicker furniture. Some people also choose aluminum furniture due to its durability. Every material reacts to water in different ways. Here are a few patio furniture materials and how they respond to water.

Wood: Wooden patio furniture is widely used and quite vulnerable to elements. When exposed to water for a long time, the wood is likely to swell, loosen, rot and, eventually, the finish may come off.

Plastic: Plastic is not affected by water, but extreme cold can cause the material to crack and break.

Wicker: Synthetic wicker material is more durable than natural wicker. It is coated with a layer designed to protect it from the elements.

Aluminum: This material is the strongest and most durable. Chances of aluminum getting damaged by rain are significantly low unless exposed to rain for a very long time. Water can only enter aluminum material if it has holes for adjustment. These holes can trap moisture which can damage the furniture from inside.

What Does Water Proof Versus Water Resistant Mean for Patio Furniture?

Patio furniture is designed to withstand extreme heat and cold, meaning it’s okay for them to get wet. However, the cold water moisture can be harmful to the furniture, especially when exposed for a long time. While they are made for outdoor use, some materials like wood, wicker, and plastic can be covered to protect them from water damage. Covers provide an effective way to prevent your furniture from breaking down too early.

Should Patio Furniture Be Covered?

Absolutely. While the material matters, covering your furniture to protect it from the rain and sun helps prevent dullness, dirt accumulation, breaking, and weakening of the furniture. If you have cushions, they can easily be ruined by the elements. This is also true for furniture made of an outer layer of fabric and an inner layer of foam, fiber, cotton, or other fillings. The material is susceptible to tearing, fading, and rot if left in the sun and rain for too long.

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