Six Ways to Use Accent Furniture in Your Home

Accent furniture refers to a broad group of furniture pieces whose purpose goes beyond mere functionality. These pieces are often included in an interior design strategy for their decorative value above all else. Do you know how to use accent furniture effectively? Read on to learn all about the creative ways to implement accent furniture into your home.

Add character to the entry

The entry area forms the first impression your guests receive when they come through your door. Set a sophisticated tone right from the start by including an accent piece like a hall tree, small chest or console table as the focal point for the space.

Add interest with a unique chair

Want to add some interest to your living room? Pick an accent chair with an eye-catching color, a strong profile or plush, textured upholstery. While you can choose a chair that matches the overall style of a room, adding some contrast can be effective if you do it the right way. It’s often most effective to mix two different styles. For example, if your overall vibe is modern, select a chair in a more traditional style for a unique accent.

Mix and match tables

One of the best ways to implement accent furniture into your home is to mix and match small tables in your living spaces. Try to select a unique blend of tables finished in a variety of complementary treatments. They can be painted, inlaid or feature interesting shapes and textures as well as strong colors or lines.

Display your collections

Have a collection you want to display? An accent furniture piece like a display cabinet or unique shelving group allows you to showcase your prized collection in an artful way. A group of floating shelves can give any space a modern, sophisticated look, while a corner shelving unit can help you add appeal to an otherwise barren corner space.

Include seating in the bedroom

Have a little extra space in your bedroom? Some seating can add an interesting touch and give you a place to relax and unwind before heading to bed for the night. Add an upholstered bench to the foot of the bed or, if you have the space for it, bring in a plush chair that’s perfect for curling up with a book. Since you’re choosing furniture for the bedroom, try to avoid loud, busy fabrics and go for neutral tones for a more calming effect.

Don’t be afraid to be big and bold

The most appealing accent pieces attract instant attention. There are several large pieces that can make an impressive statement, like an oversized armoire in a bedroom, a china cabinet for the living room or even a folding screen that separates spaces. If your room’s already busy with pattern and color, choose a large piece with a plain but striking look. If your room could use a little extra life, an imposing, ornate piece should work well.

No matter how you want to use accent furniture to decorate your home, choose quality pieces that always make a statement. Stop by Orangeburg Furniture Exchange today to discover pieces that match your style and budget.