How to Keep Your Furniture from Sliding on Wooden Floors

If you have hardwood floors in your home, you’re probably used to repositioning your furniture on a regular basis. It seems as if furniture has a mind of its own, creeping little by little from its original position. So, what should you do to stop furniture from sliding on a wooden floor? Here are some effective strategies to keep furniture in place and prevent scratches and scrapes from damaging your floors.

Rubber feet

Adding rubber or silicone feet to the bottom of furniture legs is one of the cheapest and simplest ways to prevent furniture from sliding on your wooden floor. These small rubber “shoes” fit snugly around the legs of tables and chairs, keeping scratches and scuffs from ruining the appearance of your flooring. You’ll find a wide variety of these feet at your local home improvement store in a range of sizes and shapes to ensure a secure fit.

Furniture grips

While rubber pads are effective at protecting your floors from furniture scuffs, furniture grips are a streamlined, smarter-looking solution. Essentially, these grips fit directly on the bottom of furniture legs, and you can find them in sizes that make them nearly invisible. Measure your furniture legs before heading to the nearest hardware store, and be prepared to pay a little more for the aesthetic improvement.

Stop blocks

Investing in stop blocks is an easy way to stop furniture that slides on a wooden floor. While stop blocks are more expensive than rubber feet or furniture grips, they’re very effective at keeping furniture in one place. Purchase stop blocks from a furniture store and place them between furniture and walls. They’ll keep your couch, recliner and other furniture from moving at all, preserving the condition of your floors.

Dust the floors

Dust not only affects the indoor air quality of your home, but it can also cause furniture to slide easily. Keep your floors clean and free from dust to minimize sliding and potential damage to your floors. If you’ve invested in rubber feet or grips, dust even more regularly, as the dust can wear them down quickly. Regular dusting further protects your floor by removing debris that can be tracked around the house, scratching and scuffing the surface and wearing down the finish over time.


Keep your furniture in place and enhance the look and feel of your room all at once by investing in a quality rug. The fabric of your rug will prevent furniture from sliding while also serving as a softer surface to walk on. Purchase a non-slid pad to anchor the rug in place, keeping furniture where it should be and preventing slip hazards, too.

There are several effective ways to prevent furniture from sliding on your wooden floor, but adding a rug is the best way to do it in style. Find a rug that fits your style and budget by stopping by Orangeburg Furniture Exchange. We carry a wide variety of premium-quality rugs that add warmth and character to your interior spaces while protecting your floors from damage.