Tips for Preparing Your Home Office in 2021

More people than ever are working from home these days in the United States. This is partially due to necessity, as the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way people work, but it’s also largely due to advances in digital technology making remote work far more feasible.

If you’re going to be working from home for an extended time, it’s important that you have a home office area that’s set up in a way that will maximize your productivity.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at what you can do to make your home office better to work in.

Choosing a desk and chair

Your desk and chair are the two most essential pieces of furniture for your home office.

For desks, you should focus on finding one that has the size, shape and storage you need. Consider some of the following questions: Do you use a desktop computer with one or two monitors, or do you primarily use a laptop? Do you do a lot of writing? Do you need space to spread out? Do you need ample storage? Do you like to stand at your desk during the day? Your answers to all of those questions will factor into your decision.

For a chair, make sure you choose one that provides you with the comfort and support you need to make it through a full work day. Consider whether you need swivels or casters, whether you like armrests on your chair and if design or aesthetics matter to you.

Getting organized

Organization is also crucial to creating a good home office space. People tend to be more productive with their work when they are in a well-organized work environment.

Filing cabinets aren’t exactly stylish amenities, but they help you maintain order with your documents. If you don’t need them for paperwork, you can use them for electronics, books, stationery or other office supplies. They can be a great complement to desks that don’t come with much storage.

Shelving and bookcases can also be valuable additions to your office space. They provide storage for books and décor, and help you expand your vertical storage. You can get fancy with some stylish baskets or boxes on the shelves for extra hidden storage. The right kinds of shelves can easily be repurposed.

Closed-door cabinets can also be used to provide you with some organization without worrying about clutter. They’re ideal for safes, fireproof boxes, certain documents and books, electronics and other supplies.


Good lighting assists both with comfort and productivity. If you’re going to be working at a desk all day long, it’s important that you have sufficient lighting to help you avoid eye strain, especially if you’ll be working at a computer. Consider both task and ambient lighting to help you get the best combination of functionality and aesthetics.

Task lighting could be desk lamps designed to illuminate a single area. Ambient lighting helps you light up the entire space.

For more tips about the best ways to set up a home office, and for assistance finding pieces that will make your home office space both comfortable and functional, pay a visit to Orangeburg Furniture Exchange today.