The Pros and Cons of Leather vs. Microfiber Sofas

Trying to decide on the perfect couch for your living room? Microfiber and leather sofas are both excellent options, but which one is better? Well, this can all depend on what you’re looking for in a couch. Is style or comfort more important? Would you prefer a couch that’s more durable or one that’s easier to clean? It’s important to ask yourself these and other questions before making a final decision on your new couch. Read on for our furniture shopping tips concerning the pros and cons of both leather sofas and microfiber sofas.

Advantages of microfiber sofas

There are many advantages to choosing a microfiber couch. These couches are available in a variety of styles and colors, so it’s easy to find one that works in almost any room. They are also extremely comfortable and easy to clean. One of the best things about microfiber sofas is that they’re built to last. The fabric of microfiber couches is hard to tear or rip thanks to the fineness of the fibers.

Another major advantage to microfiber sofas is that they’re much less expensive than their leather counterparts. If you’re looking to save your budget for other household items, it makes sense to consider a microfiber couch.

Disadvantages of microfiber sofas

While microfiber couches are easy to clean, they easily collect lint, dust and pet hair. You might find yourself having to clean your couch every other day, especially if you have pets. If you decide on a microfiber sofa, consider investing in a good handheld vacuum too.

Advantages of leather sofas

Leather sofas are elegant pieces of furniture that will make almost any room appear classier. They offer a sleek look that most fabric couches don’t. Leather is also very durable and hard to stain. In fact, leather couches usually require much less cleaning than microfiber ones. You won’t have to constantly worry about spilled drinks or food causing stains on the couch. That’s why leather couches are often a good choice for those with small children.

Leather couches are especially beneficial to those who suffer from allergies. These types of sofas don’t collect as much dust and debris as fabric couches. If you have a pet, you won’t have to worry about their hair getting stuck in couch fibers.

Disadvantages of leather sofas

As mentioned above, leather sofas are often relatively expensive. You can usually find good deals on leather couches at reputable furniture stores, but they’ll almost always be more expensive than microfiber couches.

Some people avoid leather couches because they’re made from animal hide. There are plenty of faux leather sofas available, though these are usually somewhat less durable. Faux leather couches are also more prone to cracking and peeling.

If you’re still on the fence, consider asking an expert for more furniture shopping tips and advice. Visit a reputable furniture supplier in your area and they’re sure to be able to point you in the right direction.

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