Great Ways of Pet-Proofing Your Furniture

There’s nothing better than having a happy pet greet you after a long day at work. What isn’t so great is noticing that your furry friend has chewed up your couch or made a mess on the carpet. Some pets exhibit bad behavior when separated from their owners. While it’s important to try and correct this behavior, it’s common.

Furniture can sometimes cost a lot to repair. In the worst cases, you may have to completely replace a piece of furniture. That’s why it’s best to pet-proof your furniture to the fullest possible extent. Read on to learn how by practicing smart furniture cleaning and maintenance:

  • Invest in a scratching post: Cats may scratch things for many reasons. They do it remove dead nails, show excitement, mark territory and more. If you don’t have a scratching post, your cat is probably going to scratch anything they can. This could mean the legs of your furniture are in danger. Before your cat causes major damage to your couch, purchase a high-quality scratching post for them to scratch instead.
  • Put a slipcover on your couch: Even if you’ve trained your animal to stay off the couch or other furniture, they might sneak up there while you’re not at home. That’s why it’s a good idea to cover your furniture with a slipcover that prevents hair and dander from getting into the fibers. There are many different options for slipcovers, with most being very affordable and easy to clean.
  • Consider bitter chew sprays: Dogs sometimes like to chew the legs of furniture. This is especially true when you have a puppy who’s teething. You can try to correct this behavior by purchasing a toy for them to chew on instead. If this doesn’t work, consider seeking out a bitter chew spray. These sprays come in flavors that deter dogs, like lemon. Simply spray the area that your dog has been chewing and the taste should deter them. Just be sure to do your research on bitter chew sprays before purchasing one. Make sure the spray doesn’t contain chemicals that could hurt your furry friend.
  • Place absorbent pads around the house: Puppies and even some adult dogs have accidents. Dog urine stains are often hard to remove from carpet and furniture. If you’re worried about your dog having an accident, consider purchasing absorbent pads to spread around the house. It’s usually best to keep these pads away from areas with carpet to avoid spillage. These pads are inexpensive and easy to find, as well as available in both washable and disposable varieties. As with bitter chew sprays, it’s important to only purchase top-quality absorbent pads for best results.

When to get professional cleaning

Accidents can always happen when you have pets. If your pet has stained a piece of your furniture, it’s important to not panic. Some stains are easy to remove as long as you take care of them quickly. If the stains are set in and near impossible to remove, it’s best to seek out a professional furniture cleaning and maintenance service.

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